Lappenranta ballet gala in brief

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Lappeenranta ballet gala program

Lappeenranta Ballet Gala 2020 is featuring captivating classical masterpieces and exploring contemporary repertoire created by today’s leading choreographers. The performances will be held in the Lappeenranta City Theater on 28.8.2020 at 19:00 and 29.8.2020 at 14:00. Tickets are on sale here and at Lappeenranta Winkki.

This year’s special quest is the Dutch modern ballet institution Introdans. The company is considered one of Europe’s leading touring companies

Introdans visited at the Lappeeranta Ballet Gala also in 2018

Introdans will bring to Lappeenranta an amazing programme of dance works from their award-winning repertoire.

The choreographies of Alexander Ekman are striking in their imaginative sense of humour and their masterful timing. He is famous for the hilarious quality of his creations. Swingle Sisters bedazzle and baffle. 

Cayetano Soto juggles with almost extravagant style and drama, with an ironic wink and Latin passion.

Inspired by the musicals from the ’20s and ‘30s, Spanish choreographer Cayetano Soto created the ballet Conrazoncorazon, with reason and heart. The choreography is a powerful, extremely physical ensemble work: funny, exuberant, and fast.

Johan Kobborg has enjoyed a distinguished career as a principal dancer with the Royal Danish Ballet, the Royal Ballet and as a guest with most major companies around the world. More recently he has distinguished himself as a choreographer with many leading companies.

Hit choreography Les Lutins matches virtuoso dancers to virtuosic violin pieces (including “La Ronde des Lutins”) and the result is a burst of dance. Dancers: Marina Minoiu, Royal Danish ballet/ Cristi Preda, Romanian national ballet/ Takahiro Tamagawa, international quest artist 

We will also see world-class Finnish dance on stage when Rasmus Ahlgren from the Perm Ballet will perform with his partner Ulyana Moksheva.

Shiori Kase from English National Ballet and Joonhyuk Jun from Royal Ballet will also visit in the gala. They will perform the most loving classical ballet repertoire, pas de deux from Giselle and Le Corsaire.

More program will be announced later.

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